ONS reveals how likely you are to become a victim of crime


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) has released their latest statistics regarding the number of people in England and Wales who worry about becoming a victim of crime. But in reality, many Brits are fortunate never to experience it.

For robbery in particular, the figures has shown that there is a gap between how likely you can become a victim to crime and how often offences happen. Figures point out that 0.3% of adults were victims of robbery in the year ending March 2016. 9% of adults surveyed were worried about a potential risk of robbery – 30 times higher than the rate of being victimised. The survey which covered all areas of crime also claimed that women worry more about being a victim of crime than men.

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ONS Digital has put together a crime calculator using three years worth of data from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) to indicate how your personal characteristics reflect your likelihood of becoming a victim to a crime.

The Crime Survey for England and Wales identified that the crime people were most concerned about was theft at 23.8%, followed by online crime at 10%. One in 10 adults have been victims of fraud and computer misuse in 2016, and interestingly, with the rise of digital technology and the revolution it brings, the majority of these incidents included an online element at 67%.

The survey also extended to the age demographics who are more concerned with online crime and identify theft. Those aged 16-34 are less likely to worry about burglary, robbery and online crime, compared to those aged 35-44 who were most concerned about burglary. Those spanning 55-64 and 65-74 were worried about online crime and theft of their identity.

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Victimisation on the o hand does not show a similar pattern. Those who are most afraid of becoming victims are aged 16-24. It was found that 19.6% in this demographic had been a victim of crime, with 8.1% a victim of personal crime.

National crime rates in England and Wales has reduced by 6% in the year ending March 2016 (from 6.8million incidents to 6.3million), however, 60% of Brits still believe crime has increased around the country. This figure of 60% has increased from 57% of adults in the previous year, a 3% increase.

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