Hate Crime Offences Across England and Wales


With an increase in terror attacks and threats across the country, hate crime offences have becoming an increasingly concerning issue within society. Governmental reports have presented to us that it is a growing subject across all denominations, from sexual discrimination to religious vendettas.

Leading on from this, Locksmithservice.co.uk reported on the most recent figures from The Office of National Statistics (ONS). We assessed the data related to hate crime offences, discovering that there was a total of 62,518 hate crime offences across England and Wales between 2015-2016.

The study analysed available figures related to hate crimes regarding the following: race, religion, sexual orientation and transgender discrimination. We aimed to uncover what policing areas had the most hate crimes reported. It was discovered was that The Metropolitan Police dealt with the highest number of offences, with 16,447 reported in one year- 26% of the hate crimes report throughout the year.

The research delved deeper to highlight police units across England and Wales, discovering that areas that were significantly smaller, still had the highest level of hate crime. Areas that held the highest levels of crime outside London were the following:

Greater Manchester: 4,842     

West Midlands: 3,780

West Yorkshire: 3,657

However, the pattern in hate crime less effected areas of Wales. Those where there were the least amount of offences were:

Dyfed- Powys: 114

London, City of: 119

Gwent: 213

When referring to the hate crime map, there is also a clear distinction of areas that tend to have a higher level of hate crimes  towards the South of England, in areas such as Hampshire, Sussex and Thames Valley.

However, overall hate crimes in the UK regarding transgender and disability offences have increased considerably since the previous recorded year, as transgender hate crimes have increased by 42%, and hate crimes related to someone’s disability has increased by 45%. The issue of racism surrounding transgender individuals is proving to be a rising issue within society, and the upsurge in hate crimes has shown not to be slowing down.

Nick Antijoule, who is the manager of hate crime at LGBT charity Galop, claimed that these results highlight the necessary protocols needed to be taken to understand and better deal with the rising issue of transphobia in the UK.

“There needs to be a much better understanding of the different ways of identifying such as being non-binary and gender fluid. The reality is that there is lots of transphobia around in the UK, it’s an everyday prejudice that is manifest as both violence and abuse.”

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