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Locksmith in Warrington


01925 377 330– Call us.
Jammed lock or snapped key got you stuck outside?
Call us.
Warrington Locksmith Services have the best Emergency Call-Out service in the greater Warrington area.
Our secret weapon?
It’s our attitude. When you call our Emergency line, we go into crisis mode.
A little dramatic maybe, but we know how quickly a small inconvenience can turn into a full crisis; so we don’t take chances.
When our Emergency Call-Out line rings we promise:
  • To answer immediately – you won’t be left hanging;
  • To be there in less than thirty minutes;
  • To have you sorted out in the shortest possible time;
  • We only charge for work done and material supplied – there is no call out fee.
So, save our number in your phone – we’ll be there when you need us!

Locksmith Services Warrington: Security is Our Focus

At Warrington Locksmiths, we have the answer to your locksmithing and security problems.
We bet our reputation on the locks, surveillance equipment and alarm systems we supply and install.
From the smallest padlock to uPVC systems through to heavy industrial security products, we have the best, right here.

Locksmith Services Warrington – Total Security with just one Call
When you need solutions fast, or when you need a little advice on which security system will be right for your new home, we are here with the answers
Our team of locksmiths is fully qualified and well experienced in everything from fitting locks to front doors to installing hundreds of locks and master key suites to a new commercial and industrial park.
Our guys are also very good with lock picks, at retrieving broken keys from locks and coaxing jammed locks back to life.
Give us a call. We are always ready to help with any security situation.

Keeping Up to Date

Although the principles behind how locks function haven’t changed in millennia, the equipment available to do it has changed – a lot.
As with everything, advances in materials and design are happening almost every day.
To bring you the best possible service, we keep up with everything that’s going on. Our guys regularly attend manufacturer presentations, trade fairs and refresher courses.
They know exactly what’s going on in home and industrial security.
This means we bring you the very best service.

Professional Tools are Essential

Our guys are the best. With the highest quality professional tools in their kit, they are brilliant.
We ensure all our vans carry a comprehensive set of professional tools, including non-destructive entry kit. We can open any door, any time, without causing any damage at all.
  • Emergency Call-Out Service
Save our number in your phone because Rapid Response is vital in locksmithing emergencies.
The actual problem might seem trivial – a key snapped in a lock, a set of keys mislaid on a shopping trip – but the consequences can become nasty very quickly.
What if you’re the mother of a small infant?
Moving your child from the car to the house on a hot summer’s day has to be done fairly quickly.
When you call our emergency line, you might be more stressed than you realise and not mention your circumstances.
On your behalf, we always assume your situation is about to go horribly wrong and react accordingly.
We have the best Emergency Call-Out service in Warrington – we are here for you.
  • Domestic Locksmith Services
Domestic security has come a long way in the last fifteen years.
With electronics shrinking to insanely small sizes, the sophistication of alarms, video security systems and access control has improved unbelievably.
Every home owner can now afford security systems that used to be so expensive only large companies and really rich folk could afford them.
We also offer a range of good quality locks with something for every budget.
Call us; we'll give your home a detailed security health check. Our free report will tell you all you need to know to make your home as safe as possible.
  • uPVC and EuroLock Installation, Service and Repair
The advances in electronic home security have been matched by the development of the uPVC door and window systems.
New, lightweight, materials have enabled the production of multi-point locking systems suitable for domestic security. Previously, systems this sophisticated were only available for industrial use.
As with all sophisticated systems, correct installation and maintenance are vital if the door is to operate properly and for a long time.
Our technicians are all experts in installing, servicing and maintaining uPVC doors.
If your uPVC doors are feeling stiff or are not working properly, or you would like a uPVC system fitted, call us. We will have you sorted and safe in no time.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services
Commercial and industrial level locksmithing and security demand the use of heavier and stronger doors and locks and the use of more complex surveillance and access systems.
Our team is trained and experienced in dealing with all levels of commercial and industrial locksmithing. We’ll install anything from master key suites in administration and laboratory complexes to heavy locking and surveillance gear in factories and warehouses.
Give us a call. We are equipped and trained for any size operation.

The Products We Use

Our reputation stands on our craftsmanship and the fact that our installations always work as specified. We are judged for a long time after we’ve left the building!
Because of this, we only use good quality products manufactured, backed up and guaranteed by the best companies in the security industry.

Call Us on 01925 377 330

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0192 593 3371
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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