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Locksmith service in Southampton
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Locksmith in Southampton


0238 0000 726 – Call us.
Small inconveniences can quickly become emergencies.
Locked out of your office or home?
We are the best people to call because:
  • We’re available 24/7 - all year round
  • We instantly pick up our emergency line - always
  • We’ll reach you in less than thirty minutes - guaranteed
  • We only charge for work done and materials supplied – no call-out fee.

Southampton Locksmith Services: Always Available

Our focus in on customer satisfaction – no matter what your locksmithing problem is, we will solve it.
Working in one of the world’s most iconic port cities means we deal with all types of locks and all types of problems. We frequently see locks that have been exposed to salty air for too long. If they are good quality, then we will bring them back to life.
We also deal in all types of locksmithing and security products and are qualified to install locks, security systems and access control equipment in domestic and commercial properties.
Call us. We’ll be there to provide you with an assessment and quote in a matter of hours.

Southampton Locksmith Services – The Best Locksmith Team

Our team is one of the most skilled and experienced you will ever work with.
Living and working in a seaside town with marina and harbour facilities like Southampton means we get to see every type of locksmithing problem you can imagine.
The salt air is tough on metal and plastics alike, so we are particularly good at unjamming locks and extracting the blades of keys which have snapped off inside seized up locks. This doesn’t only happen on ocean going ships and yachts; it also happens on houses and any building close to the sea.
The best way to prevent a lock becoming jammed by salt air is to have it serviced and lubricated regularly. For locks on the doors of buildings and cars, about once a year is should do it. On ships and boats, more often is advisable. Once you’re aware of how a lock works when it’s in good condition, you will know when it is starting to feel stiff.
As soon as you notice this, call us and we’ll inspect, clean and lubricate all your locks. That way, it is highly unlikely you’ll ever have another snapped key or jammed lock.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

In the world of locksmithing, we are expected to work on every single lock we come across. Our guys can be coaxing new life into a lock from the eighteenth century in the morning and working on a biometrically controlled access system in the afternoon.
We keep up with the latest developments by attending workshops, trade fairs and manufacturer presentations as often as we can.
Being up with all the latest advances means we always know what we are doing when we arrive at a client’s premises.

The Best Tools are Essential

Locks are precision instruments. To work on them effectively, our locksmiths need precision tools and equipment. Having the right kit means we are able to do the job quickly, accurately and get it right the first time.
We ensure our guys all have the best professional grade tools and devices available and all of them are trained and equipped for non-destructive operation.
Everyone on our team is able to open the lock on anything without making even the tiniest scratch – good news when the lock on your heirloom grand piano jams!

Our Services

Southampton Locksmith Services is totally focussed on client satisfaction and offer a comprehensive range of services. No matter what your requirements, we are the best people to help you.
  • Emergency Call-Out Service
Our Emergency Call Out service is the fastest and most reliable in Southampton. We understand the trauma of being locked out of your home or office. Call us and we’ll be there in record time. There are no call-out charges and we’ll stay with you until you are safely sorted.
  • Domestic Locksmith Services
The locks and keys are probably the most taken for granted pieces of equipment in your home. Locks are highly reliable and will operate perfectly for many years.
Don’t neglect them. Call us, we’ll come over and inspect and service them.
We also do full lock and security inspections for our domestic clients. With our free report, you will see how secure your house is and what you can do to make it as safe as possible. 
  • uPVC and EuroLock Installation, Service and Repair
uPVC doors are the best thing to have happened to home security since the invention of burglar alarms. However, a poorly installed or malfunctioning uPVC system will give you a false sense of security.
If your uPVC system is not working smoothly, it could be on the point of seizing up or something might be on the point of breaking.
Call us, we’ll be delighted to come and inspect your system and fix whatever the problem is. Don’t wait for something to go wrong. It may cause damage that’ll be costly to repair.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services
Heavy duty and large scale locksmithing is something we excel at. All our locksmiths are trained in the more complex aspects of locksmithing
required for industrial and commercial scale installations and maintenance.
Speak to us about our Maintenance and Service Contracts. We will keep your locks and security systems in top working order. You will never have to worry about your security equipment again.

The Products We Use

All the products we supply and install are good quality items from well-known manufacturers. We only deal with suppliers who make reliable products and back them up with great after sales service and support.
Call Us on 0238 0000 726
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On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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