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Locksmith service in Sheffield
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Locksmith in Sheffield

Sheffield Locksmith Services

Welcome to Sheffield Locksmith Services.
We have everything you need to keep your loved ones, your home and your possessions safe.
Our Emergency Call-Out Service is always ready to rescue you – 24/7.
Our team is at your service, no matter how simple or complicated your need may be.
Locked out of your home?
Locked out of your office?
Need a security system for your home?
0114 303 1227 – Call us. We are equipped and ready for any locksmithing situation.


0114 303 1227 is our 24 hour Emergency Call out line – save it to your phone for instant access.
When you call us we guarantee that:
  • Your call will be answered immediately,
  • We will be with you in under 30 minutes,
  • We will only leave once your problem has been sorted,
  • There will be no call-out fee,
  • We will sort your problem out in one call – we never have to come back for a second try.


Contact us on 0114 303 1227

The Team

At Sheffield Locksmith Services, our team is made up of fully qualified locksmiths who are all totally dedicated to seeing that your locksmithing needs are taken care of as quickly and cost effectively as possible.
When we arrive to do a job, whether it’s an emergency or a scheduled job, we have everything we might need and then some.
We pride ourselves on having the best stocked vans in the business; we never have to go back to the shop to collect extra tools or equipment.

Training and Refreshing

Apart from vans filled with everything we need for the job, we also bring with us all the latest news and information on the locksmithing industry.
Keeping on top of new developments needs a plan. We make sure our guys go to product releases, trade fairs, manufacturer sponsored workshops and refresher courses.
Being ahead of the curve means we can ensure your security systems and locks include the latest technology and provide the very best security for your requirements.

Tools of the Trade

Having skills is great, but good technicians need equipment they can trust 100%.
Everything from screw drivers to code scanners to lock picks need to be top quality; designed by experts, made of high grade material and made to perform accurately at all times.
With the best tools available, great technicians work quickly, accurately and with total confidence.
All the best locksmiths are trained in the art of non-destructive entry. With these skills and non-destructive tools, our guys are able to open any door without causing as much as a scratch.

Our Services

Sheffield Locksmith Services offers a full range of locksmith skills and services:
  • Emergency Call-Out Service
Our Emergency Call-Out team is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We will respond immediately and will be at your side in under thirty minutes.
Our vans carry a full range of tools and supplies, so we will sort your problem with only one call.
We do not charge a call out fee – we only invoice you for work done and materials supplied.
  • Domestic Locksmith Services
Is your home as safe as you think it is?
Give us a call. We’ll do a free health check on your locks, latches, burglar bars and security system.
You get a free report and quote on what needs to be repaired or upgraded.
If you chose to go ahead with our suggestions, we will begin the work immediately.
Make sure your safe haven is secure and your loved ones are well protected.
A quick phone call is all it will take.
  • uPVC and EuroLock Installation, Service and Repair
One of the best home security advances of recent times was the roll out of uPVC door and window systems.
uPVC technology brings industrial grade security to the domestic market at a reasonable price.
There is one caveat: The systems must be installed by professionals and routinely checked and serviced.
The multi-point locking systems are secured by a single Eurolock. While these barrel locks are very secure, they take a lot of strain if the system is not operating smoothly.
Bent or misaligned rods and levers in the system will strain the lock. This will eventually result in the key snapping or the whole mechanism jamming.
Our technicians are all seasoned experts in the installation and maintenance of uPVC systems.
Call us.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services
Warehouses, business premises and industrial buildings need heavy duty security and locking systems.
Sheffield Locksmith Services are experts in the supply and installation of heavy duty security systems, locking systems and access control and surveillance systems.
We offer Service and Maintenance Contracts where we check service and maintain all the security facilities on your premises. You can rest assured that all your systems are working perfectly and you’ll never have another locksmith emergency.

The Products We Use

Our reputation stands or falls on what happens once we have signed off on a job. We know our workmanship is the best. We have to know the products we install will be working for years to come.
That is why we only use quality products from reputable manufacturers. They give us the backup and after sales service to match our commitment to you, our client.
Call Us on 0114 303 1227
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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0114 303 1227
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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