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Locksmith service in Rotherham
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Locksmith in Rotherham

EMERGENCY SERVICES – 0800 448 8481

Call  0800 448 8481 if you are Locked out of your car, home or office.

Our Emergency Service is your quickest way back in!

When you call our Emergency Service number:

  • Your call will be answered immediately.
  • We will reach you in less than thirty minutes
  • We will stay with you until your emergency is sorted out
  • We will not charge a call out fee.
Rotherham Locksmith Services – The Best You Can Get
Rotherham Locksmith Services is well placed to be anywhere in Rotherham area inside thirty minutes.
Our team of technicians is one of the most skilled and experienced teams of locksmiths in the country.
A phone call is all it takes to get us on our way.
Whether you want to chat about various products and weigh your options before buying, or if you have a job needing to be done quickly and skilfully, give us a call. We would love to hear from you.

Our All-Star Team

Professionalism is at the heart of our operation.
All our locksmiths are as qualified as a locksmith can get and experienced – which is really important.
There’s no lock too tough and no security system too complicated for our guys to sort out.
If you have an antique lock from the 19th century, or the latest uPVC multi-point locking system we will get it going like new in no time.
We really know what we are doing and we have the skills and kit to do it right first time.

Training is the Secret Potion

The Rotherham Locksmith Services technicians are always updating their knowledge and upgrading their skills.
New materials and new electronics are constantly giving rise to new products and new ways of using existing products.
To stay on top of all the new things, we send our technicians on refresher courses, workshops, manufacturer sponsored training sessions and trade fairs.
We need to know everything there is to know about all the new equipment because we never know when we are going to come across it in the field.

Our Tools

Skills are one thing, being able to apply them is another.
We know that to do their best work, day after day and year after year, our technicians need to use the best professional tools on the market. We cannot afford to have inferior tools breaking on the job or damaging the equipment we are installing.
So, from the most fundamental items, like screwdrivers and spanners, through to our super sophisticated code scanners and key coding electronics, we supply our guys with the best.
As the customer, you benefit with a job well done in record time.

Our Services

Emergency Call-Out Service
Our emergency call out service is the best you can get because we see each call for help as a red alert and treat it as a major emergency until we have you sorted and safely back in your house or car.
We never take the risk of a minor crisis turning into a major emergency.

Domestic Locksmith Services

The safety and security of our homes is non-negotiable.
Home is where our families feel safe and where we keep our most treasured things out of harm’s way.
To help you ensure the security of your home, we offer a free assessment and report facility. This enables you to see if there are areas needing attention and to put things right before something happens.
Having good quality locks and latches on your doors and gates can make the difference between being burgled or staying safe.
Don’t risk it – call us today for your free assessment.

uPVC Door and Window Fittings

The uPVC multi-locking systems with the sacrificial segment Euro-Lock is the biggest advance to happen to domestic security for decades.
The systems offer a level of safety only available to industrial and commercial buildings in the past.
The super strong, lightweight materials mean we can secure and lock our doors in a way that was only possible with heavy duty steel doors.
To work properly, uPVC doors must be installed absolutely correctly. They are precision instruments and have to be set up correctly.
If they are badly installed or have lost their alignment for some other reason, they will be stiff to operate which can result in damage to the mechanism. If the lock is stiff and difficult to lock and unlock, it will eventually cause the key to snap.
To correctly fit or realign uPVC mechanisms, you need to be a trained expert. All our locksmiths are trained and experienced in fitting and repairing uPVC doors and the mechanisms.
Call us today. We will gladly come out to check and service your uPVC doors.
If you are thinking of replacing your old-style doors with new uPVC doors, we will give you a quote and start the work immediately if you are in a hurry.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services

The locks and security systems used for industrial and commercial complexes have to put up with far more than the equipment used for domestic security.
Our locksmiths are all trained and experienced in fitting and maintaining industrial locks, access control and surveillance systems.
An important service we offer to landlords and managers of commercial properties is our Security System Maintenance Contract. We undertake to inspect and maintain all your locks and security systems, leaving you in the sure knowledge that you will never have another locksmithing emergency again. Our service pre-empts jammed locks, snapped keys and malfunctioning access and security systems.

Quality Products Only

Many of the locksmithing problems people face are caused by poor quality equipment.
We only use products manufactured by the best names in the security industry.
This means we can safely guarantee our work and be sure that the equipment we install will still be working perfectly long after we have completed the job.

Call Us

We are only a phone call away. We would love to talk to you about anything you need to know in the world of locksmithing. Give us a call!

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0170 991 9545
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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