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Locksmith service in Paisley
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Locksmith in Paisley

Paisley Locksmith Services

Welcome to Paisley Locksmith Services – No matter where you are in Paisley, our locksmith and security expertise is just a phone call away.


0141 280 4408 is our 24/7 Emergency Line.
We always answer, we will always be with you within 30 minutes – no matter where you are in Paisley and we never charge a call out fee.
Our locksmiths are equipped to handle any type of lock or alarm system; so you will be back in your home, office or motor car soon after we arrive.
Save our number to your phone – you never know when you are going to need it.
We offer a total locksmith service.
Any requirement you have, we have the solution.
From installing a new lock in your front door, to installing hundreds of locks in a new factory or commercial development, we have the capacity and the experience.
If you aren’t sure what you need, let’s chat. We will help you plan everything down to the smallest detail. We will also give you very competitive quotes to supply and install everything you decide on.
Contact us on 0141 280 4408

Locksmithing is a Team Thing

Our team of locksmiths is made up of dedicated professionals.
All our guys are trained and very experienced.
All too often, the first contact people have with a locksmith is during an emergency. A key snaps in a lock; car keys are mislaid at a shopping centre; someone attempted a break-in, locks and security equipment are damaged.
It’s a time of trauma.
We realise this and do all we can to make your experience with us memorable – for all the right reasons.
Our guys are friendly, fast and communicative. They will keep you in the loop and make sure you are totally happy with the job before they leave.

Training and Refreshing

To have full confidence in our skills, to be the best and to remain the best all take focus and work.
Like any other business, locksmithing is constantly evolving.
Everyday sees the release of a new product or an improvement to an existing design.
Our guys are always attending workshops, product launches, trade fairs and manufacturer sponsored refresher courses.
Our team has all the latest information so you have the best service possible.

Tools of the Trade

Having great skills is one thing.
Having the tools to make full use of those skills is essential.
At Paisley Locksmith Services, our locksmiths carry the best professional level kit available.
From screwdrivers to code scanners, we make sure their equipment enables them to work quickly and effectively.
We aim to do the best job possible in the shortest time possible.

Our Services

Paisley Locksmith Services covers every aspect of locksmithing, from simple lock replacement on your front door to full project management of industrial level installations.
Here’s what we offer:
  • Emergency Call-Out Service
24/7 emergency line. We guarantee we will reach you in 30 minutes of your call. We do not charge a call-out fee. Our technicians carry a comprehensive range of products – no matter what your emergency; we will resolve it and replace any faulty locks or keys with quality products. We won’t have to call back for a second try. We do everything in one go.
  • Domestic Locksmith Services
We handle all domestic locksmith issues; from repairing the lock on your front door to inspecting and servicing all the locks and latches in your home. We will ensure your home is as safe as it possibly can be.
If you want repairs, replacements or simply need ideas on how to ensure the safety of your loved ones, we would love to chat.
  • uPVC and EuroLock Installation, Service and Repair
Most new homes have multi-point locking uPVC systems. If these systems are not installed by experts, they are likely to develop problems which will lead to malfunctioning and key snapping.
Our locksmiths are all skilled at installing, servicing and repairing uPVC systems.
If you think your uPVC system isn’t quite right, call us. We will check it out - free of charge.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services
Industrial and commercial locksmithing uses heavy duty locking and security systems. Locksmiths need the skills and training to handle high level security and access control equipment.
We have the ability to advise on and implement the most sophisticated security solutions in industrial and commercial developments.

The Products We Use

We value the skill and expertise our locksmiths have, but the biggest factor in any security system is the quality of the products used. For this reason, we stock and supply only products of good quality from well-known manufacturers who have good backup and excellent after sales service.
We have to be sure the equipment we supply will do the job it’s installed to do.

Call Us on 0141 280 4408

Whatever your locksmithing requirements or queries, call us. We are always available and would love to chat.
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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0141 280 4408
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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