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Locksmith in Newcastle

Newcastle Locksmith Services
For the best locksmiths in Newcastle, Newcastle Locksmith Services are the people to call.

Call 0191 814 7207 for your 24 hour locksmith in Newcastle.
Newcastle Locksmith Services are always available and ready to answer your call. Our technicians are experienced professionals, capable of handling any locksmith or security system problem.  
We deal with residential, industrial, commercial and automotive locksmithing. 
Our guys also handle the installation, servicing and repair of security systems, access control and surveillance systems on residential and industrial levels – there is nothing our guys can’t install or fix.

Emergency Newcastle Locksmith Services 0191 814 7207
Your Newcastle locksmith is only a phone call away and they are always contactable. When you call our Emergency Line, your call will be answered immediately – no waiting.
We understand how it feels to be locked out of your car or home. It’s a desperate situation, so we always get to you as quickly as we can. 
As soon as we know your location, we’ll have a locksmith on their way to you. They will arrive in less than 30 minutes, no matter where you are in the greater Newcastle area.
We also guarantee that:
  • Your problem will be solved in one call,
  • There will be no call out charge,
  • Because we are your Newcastle locksmith we’ll stay with you until you are totally safe and sorted,
  • Only good quality, guaranteed equipment will be installed in your premises.
Remember, your emergency Locksmiths in Newcastle are only a call away, so save our number in your phone and we will always be at your fingertips. 0191 814 7207. Our Services Include:
  • Residential Locksmith and Security Service – Our locksmiths will secure every inch of your home, from the latch on your courtyard gate to burglar proof fittings on your exterior doors and windows. We also fit high quality residential-spec alarms and security camera systems.
  • uPVC System Installation and Maintenance – uPVC systems  are the ultimate in home security, but they need to be correctly installed, maintained and fitted with good quality Euro-locks if you are going to get the most from them. We are experts in this area.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing, Alarms, Surveillance and Access Control – From perimeter security equipment through to individual offices and strong rooms, we have the skills and equipment to keep your business premises, factory and warehousing secure and tightly monitored.
  • Service Contracts – Our Service Contracts take the load off property managers and landlords when it comes to maintaining and monitoring complex security and surveillance systems.
  • High Quality Products – We only supply and fit good quality products with full guarantees and manufacturer backup.

Newcastle Locksmith Services – Your Team of Fully Trained Professionals
It’s always nice to know a bit about your local locksmith service, so here goes.
Our team members are all:
  • Qualified to deal with any type of lock or security issue, from the antique lock on your ancient grand piano to the high-tech, biometric access control system at the entrance to your business premises.
  • Specialists in installing and maintaining all types of surveillance camera systems in homes, commercial buildings and factory or warehouse premises.
  • Equipped and trained in the maintenance of all types of access control systems, from simple card systems to the latest high-tech controls.
  • Experts in the art of non-destructive access, no matter how tough the job, we will open any door, security gate or motor vehicle without damaging any of the fittings or surrounding structure.  
At Newcastle locksmiths, we do it all.
The Best Technicians Need the Best Backup
To ensure we always deliver the best services to you, our clients, we make sure our guys are supplied with the best product and locksmithing tools available. 
Our vans are little pieces of mobile locksmith heaven. They have everything we might need to sort your locksmithing or security issues and we are proud of our record on one-visit-fixes.
To make sure our guys work quickly and efficiently and because we guarantee our workmanship, we supply our teams with the best professional, precision locksmithing tools and devices on the market.
Top Quality Fittings and Equipment
Our reputation depends on far more than the job we do on the day. The locks and systems we install will still be telling our story years after we’ve supplied and fitted them. 
To ensure they don’t let the side down, we only fit products which carry rock solid manufacturer guarantees and after-sales backup. Everything we fit is something we are prepared to guarantee ourselves – to give you double peace of mind.

Our Services
Keeping people safe in their homes, offices and factories is what we do. 
We ensure your locks are fitted correctly, are in good condition and are made by tried and trusted manufacturers. 
We supply, fit and maintain state of the art security systems and surveillance equipment.   
We leave nothing to chance when it comes to the safety of your loved ones at home and your employees or colleagues at work.
And remember, all our services are just a phone call and a few minutes away.
Here’s some more detail:
Emergency Call Out, Rapid Response Service
Our emergency call out line is always manned and answered immediately. This is because we know how wrong a seemingly simple “jammed lock” situation can go.
For all we know, you could have an aged parent stuck in a dangerous situation or an infant trapped in a hot car.
To keep things as safe as possible, we treat every call to our Emergency line as a red alert and we respond immediately and rapidly.
As your locksmith in Newcastle we guarantee we’ll be with you in less than 30 minutes and that we will have the equipment and fittings to put your situation right.
Residential Locksmiths and Security Equipment Installation
At Newcastle Locksmith Services, we believe your home should be the safest place on earth for you and your family.
So, we leave nothing to chance. Our attention to detail starts with our free assessment and report of your security needs. You will see exactly where your security weak spots are and be able to tell us what you would like sorted. 
 With your decision made, we will have the work finished within 24 hours.
We supply and fit everything from padlocks for your garden shed through to sophisticated camera and alarm systems to keep your home safe, from the perimeter all the way to your basement, attic and bedrooms.
uPVC Multi-Point Locking Systems
uPVC door and window fittings with multi-point locking systems are the best thing to have happened to home security in a long time, but they must be correctly installed and regularly maintained. And because the weakest link in any door system is the lock, all multi-point locking systems must be fitted with a good quality Euro barrel lock with sacrificial segments.  
Newcastle Locksmiths technicians are all trained, equipped and experienced in all aspects of installing and maintaining uPVC systems.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing, Alarm, Surveillance and Access Control
The equipment and systems needed for Industrial and Commercial security have to be robust, long lasting and totally reliable.
From basic padlocks to the most sophisticated biometric access control, the equipment must be the right spec for the function, must be correctly installed and must be of good quality.
Industrial security systems comprise locksmithing, high tech security equipment and trained personal all working together. To be effective, the systems have to be quick and intuitive to use but difficult to breach. In short, they need to be designed, installed and maintained by experts.
At Newcastle Locksmith Services, we have the experience and capacity to cover all the bases. 
System Maintenance Service Contracts
Complex, high-tech security systems need regular monitoring and maintenance. Landlords, property managers and tenants don’t have the time or expertise to maintain them.
We offer comprehensive Service Contracts where we take the worry off your hands and keep your system running perfectly – always.
Call Us on 0191 814 7207
Many of our clients refer to us as “our Newcastle locksmith” because we put our clients first. 
Call us. We would love to set up your perfect security solution, or get your current system into perfect working order.
And don’t forget, save our number to your phone – you never know when you might need it.

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