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Locksmith Service in Musselburgh

Locksmith service in Musselburgh
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Locksmith in Musselburgh


0800 448 8481 – Open 24/7 we never sleep.

All calls to our Emergency Response line will always be answered immediately.
At Musselburgh Locksmith Services we understand what you are going through and will get to really quickly. When you call our Emergency service, we guarantee:

·         Your call will be answered by a person, not a machine

  • We will be with you in under 30 minutes,
  • We will have all the tools and parts required to fix your problem
  • You will not be charged a call out fee.
We treat all calls to our Emergency line as red alert emergencies. This may seem a bit over the top, but we have dealt with enough calls to know it’s the best philosophy.
Imagine you are having a great time at a pub after work.
After the party, you arrive at your car, slip the key into the lock and it snaps as you turn it.
Suddenly you realise the parking lot is really empty and darker than you thought; you passed a few dodgy looking characters on your way from the pub and now you need help fast.
We’ve been around long enough to know how quickly situations can turn bad. We will be with you - really quickly.
0800 448 8481 – Save our number in your smart phone.

Locksmith Service – Musselburgh


The Top Team

The Musselburgh Locksmith team is made up of professionally trained locksmiths dedicated to their profession and their clients.
When you’ve dealt with us once, we know you’ll be back the next time you need a locksmith.
We always go the extra mile for our customers.


Staying up to Date with Technology

Development in the locksmithing and security industry is really rapid these days.
New technology is changing the way people deal with their security issues.
Although the new systems are easy to operate through friendly user interfaces, when they go wrong, you need someone who understands the technology in detail.
We make sure our guys stay ahead of the pack by attending workshops, product launches and trade fairs whenever they can.
It is a point of pride with us that we are never stuck for an answer when it comes to any locksmithing issue.

The Tools We Use

Good technicians work faster and more accurately when they are using good tools. When they use the very best tools available, they really fly.
Our locksmiths are supplied with top quality professional-grade tools.
This applies to all their tools, including the non-destructive entry equipment they use to ensure no damage is done to your home, office or motor vehicle when a jammed lock is removed.

Good Quality Products

Good locksmithing also covers the products we install in your premises.
To ensure your locks and security equipment will give faultless service for years to come, we only install good quality products which come with solid guarantees and excellent after sales service.
Everything we use is manufactured by the best companies in the security industry.


Musselburgh Locksmiths offer these services:

Emergency Call-out - 0800 448 8481

Our Emergency Call-out Service is the best in the county.
We always answer our line within a couple of rings and treat every call as a full emergency.
We guarantee we will reach you anywhere in the greater Musselburgh area within thirty minutes.
Your safety is our top priority.

Domestic Locksmithing

Many people take their safety for granted. They seem to have an “It’ll never happen to us…”attitude.
Unfortunately it only takes one petty thief trying his or her luck to change your whole life, sometimes catastrophically, if things go wrong.
Take advantage of our free Home Security Health Check to see just how secure your home is.
The package includes a detailed check of all your security equipment, door locks, bars and gates; a detailed report and an obligation free quote.
Call us. You owe it to your family.

uPVC Systems

The uPVC multi-point locking systems with Euro Lock barrel type locks represent a huge leap in the level of domestic security. Systems with this level of security were only available for industrial and commercial use until advances in materials brought the weight and price down to acceptable levels.
But you have to be careful. If the supplier of your system has cut corners on installation or the quality of the lock barrel, your security may not be as good as it should be.
Our technicians are all trained in the installation and maintenance of uPVC systems. They can see immediately if an installation has been done correctly and if the lock is up to standard.
Call us, we’ll take a look at your system or give you a quote if you want a uPVC door installed.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

Industrial and commercial locksmithing demands a broad range of skills.
Our team is trained and equipped to handle the locksmithing, access control and surveillance systems needed to keep factories, offices and commercial developments secure.
Project management and the organisation of large installations is one of our strong suites.
Once the job is done, we also offer Service and Maintenance Agreements where we take care of all your security systems and ensure you never face a locksmithing or security crisis.

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Full 12 months Warranty

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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0800 448 8481
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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