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Locksmith service in London
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Locksmith in London


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

We run the fastest rapid response Locksmith Service in London – 24/7, all year round.
When you call our Emergency number we will:

  • Pick up immediately,
  • Be with you in less than thirty minutes,
  • Fix your emergency in one call – we always have the right tools,
  • Never charge a call out fee.
020 391 74404 – We are here 24/7, every day of the year.

Locksmith Service – London

Our Team is Your Team

We live for our customers and the service we provide.
All our locksmiths are fully qualified professionals, so no matter what your locksmithing or security problem is, we can sort it for you.
Our guys are experienced in every type of domestic, commercial and industrial locksmithing and security installation, from fitting a lock, to designing and commissioning complex access control and detection systems.
Got a dodgy lock on your garden shed?
Need to install security in an industrial complex?
Give is a call  - we have the ideal solution for you.

Staying Out Front

The world of locksmithing and security is changing as quickly as the rest of the world.
To be the best locksmiths and security people in town, we ensure our locksmiths attend regular refresher courses, workshops, trade fairs and product launches.
You, the customer, benefit because:

  • When we offer advice on your security query, it will be the best advice.
  • When we respond to an emergency call, no matter how sophisticated the jammed lock or malfunctioning security system, we will be able to sort it.

Dependable Products

Being dedicated locksmiths is half the equation; but there is no point in having great workmanship if the products being installed are not good quality.
Our reputation depends on the service we provide and then, long after we’ve signed off on the job, it depends on how well the equipment works.
Your property and our reputation are safe because we only install good quality equipment. It’s manufactured by the best companies in the security industry, is fully guaranteed and has great after sales backup.

Great Skills + Great Tools = Great Results

Locksmithing is an exact discipline. With any lock, if it is not properly installed, it won’t work. In some cases a few millimetres can make all the difference.
When you’re working with fine tolerances, you need skill and you need highly reliable, accurately made tools.
Making sure our clients get the best possible service from our locksmiths, we ensure our guys all have the best quality, professional grade tools in their tool kits.

London Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

London Locksmith Services has the best Emergency Service in London.
How do we do it?
Simple, really. We regard every call to our Emergency Line as a total crisis.
This means we go into Rapid Response Mode every time that phone rings.
No matter how big or small an emergency is, we know every  emergency has the potential to become a major crisis.
Fixing the situation as quickly as possible is the only way to handle it.
So, when you call our Emergency Service line, you’ll be getting the quickest and best service in the whole of London.
Save our number: 020 391 74404. We are only a phone call away – 24/7

Domestic Locksmithing

Do you take home security for granted?
When was the last time you checked the lock on your front door or made sure your alarm system was fully functional?
If you can’t remember, you need to take advantage of our free Home Security Health Check. We’ll check all your locks and your alarm system; give you a detailed report and start work the same day, if you would like us to.

uPVC Door and Window Systems

While standard locks are precision instruments, the multi-point locking systems  in uPVC doors and windows take home security to a new level.
Like all precision equipment, uPVC systems must be supplied by reputable manufacturers and installed by experienced professionals.
Also of critical importance is the barrel lock. To give total security, these locks must be good quality and have sacrificial segments. If they don’t, they will be the weak spot in an otherwise burglar-proof system.
If you would like your uPVC doors and windows checked out, or want a quote on installing uPVC kit, call us.
All our locksmiths are trained and experienced in installing and servicing uPVC door and windows.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

We are no strangers to the large and complex installations often required by the industrial and commercial locksmith sector.
All our guys are experienced in designing and commissioning industrial spec access control, individual locks, master key suites and surveillance and security systems.
We also offer Inspection and Maintenance contracts to property managers and landlords. We’ll keep the security of your premises in top condition so you never have to worry about another locksmith emergency.

Call us

020 391 74404: We are always ready to talk locks and security!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if I lost my keys and don't have a spare?

A locksmith in Bristol will typically charge £49 per hour. However, the cost can depend on their experience and skills. You might find that your locksmith will charge less for the second hour of work.

2. Can a Locksmith unlock a house door?

Yes, a locksmith can unlock front and back doors as well as any internal doors. Depending on the reason why you cannot open your door, the locksmith might need to replace your keys or your lock.

3. How much does Locksmith charge in London?

It's usually cheaper to rekey rather than replace your locks. This is because key pins are very cheap. Locks can be quite expensive, especially the new, more secure locks. Consider your budget and whether you're looking to replace all your locks or just a few.

4. Is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks in London?

The closest locksmith to you will depend on where you live. Please make sure that you always hire a locksmith who has a good reputation and the skills to undertake the work you require.

Contact your nearest Locksmith Services locksmith

Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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