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Locksmith service in Livingston
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01506 243 830 – Call us.
  • We are always available, 24/7 every day of the year
  • We always answer our emergency line immediately
  • We will be with you in under thirty minutes, guaranteed
  • We don’t charge a call-out fee – we only charge for work done and materials supplied.

Livingston Locksmith Services: Everything You Could Ever Need

At Livingston Locksmith Services, we carry a wide range of quality products and offer all the locksmith services anyone could ever need.
From the best emergency call-out service in the county to key cutting to security system and locking system installation, we do it all. And we have a great team of people backed by a great range of products to bring it all right to your doorstep.

Livingston Locksmith Services – At Your Service

At Livingston Locksmiths, we are entirely customer focused.
Our comprehensive range of products is geared to suit virtually any budget, so no matter what your requirements, we will have a product to suit your needs and pocket.
The only thing we don’t do is low quality. All our products are good to excellent quality. Fitting low grade products gives people a false sense of security. Their locks will jam or fail when they need them most and we can’t have that happen to our clients.
Backing up our quality products, we have a team of highly trained locksmiths. All our guys have professional qualifications and work to the highest level. We guarantee all our work and know you will be satisfied with the service we bring you.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Rapid progress is the way of all industries, including the locksmith and security industry.
To be effective, we have to stay well up with all the development and design changes that come out every month.
We make sure our locksmiths know what’s going on by sending them to trade fairs, refresher courses and manufacturer sponsored events and workshops.
Knowing our business means we bring you the latest and best safety and security knowledge and products which in turn keep you and your loved ones safer.

The Best Tools are Essential

Great locksmiths + great product + professional grade tools and equipment = Great Work!
Yes. We believe that great locksmiths do their best work when they have professional level tools to do the work with.
Professional tools are more accurate and longer lasting than cheaper, amateur tools; they may look like the same thing, but in skilled hands, they give way better results.

Our Services

At Livingston Locksmith Services we guarantee all our work and the product we install. We take your safety and security very seriously. We offer the following services:
  • Emergency Call-Out Service
We have the fastest and most reliable Emergency Call Out service in Livingston and surrounds.
It’s traumatic to lose your keys or to find yourself with a snapped-off key in your hand and a jammed lock between you and your home.
We know this.
We also know how quickly an apparently small inconvenience can turn into a full scale emergency.
This is why all calls to our emergency line are a big deal. We treat them as full emergencies and don’t relax until everything is sorted out.
  • Domestic Locksmith Services
For our domestic customers we have everything you could need to keep your family and possessions safe.
If you aren’t sure about your domestic safety, call us and we will do a full assessment of all the security aspects of your home. A free report will be in your hands the same day and you will be able to plan the upgrade you need.
We will also provide you with a quote and start work on the same day if you would like us to.
Don’t leave anything to chance – call us.
  • uPVC and EuroLock Installation, Service and Repair
The uPVC door systems for homes took domestic security to new levels. Advanced mechanisms that had only been available for industrial level fittings were now available and affordable for homes.
They are great and work really well. But they have to be correctly installed and maintained to give the security they are designed to give.
Our locksmiths are all expert installers and maintainers of uPVC systems.
Call us. We will gladly come out and give your uPVC systems the once over. If there’s anything to repair or realign, we will do it immediately. Your doors will be working perfectly and you will have peace of mind.
  • Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services
Industrial locksmithing requires locksmiths who can handle complex and large installations of master key suites, electronic access control and security systems that all interlink.
Warehousing and industrial complexes need heavy duty locks and expert fitting of systems controlling fire doors and escape facilities.
At Livingston Locksmith Services, we have the technical and project management skills to handle anything from small commercial units through to multi-use industrial complexes.

The Products We Use

We only supply quality products. We source our stock from well-known manufacturers who have excellent backup and after sales service.  
Call Us on 01506 243 830
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