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Locksmith Service in Kilmarnock

Locksmith service in Kilmarnock
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Locksmith in Kilmarnock


0800 448 8481 – Always open, always answered 24/7

At Kilmarnock Locksmith Services, we know the trauma of being locked out of your car, home or office.
We also know how quickly a small inconvenience can spiral into a full on emergency.
Our line is always manned and we always answer immediately.
When you call, we guarantee:

  • Your call will be answered immediately,
  • We will be with you in under 30 minutes,
  • We will have the right tools and products to fix your problem,
  • You will not be charged a call out fee.
0800 448 8481 – Save our number in your smart phone and we will always be just a call away.

Locksmith Service – Kilmarnock

The Team with the Talent and the Tools

The Kilmarnock Locksmith team is made up of fully trained locksmiths totally committed to customer satisfaction.
Our reputation depends on how the locks we repair and install operate long after we sign off on the job.
To make sure our work is of the highest standard, we never lose sight of these things:

  • We only use good quality parts and products.
This means we only use products manufactured by the best companies in the security industry. The products are guaranteed and the companies offer excellent after sales service.
  • Our locksmiths are all skilled and dedicated to their work, but we know a skilled craftsman relies heavily on his tools.
Our guys all have the best professional standard tools and gauges on the market.
  • New products are constantly being introduced into the security market and we have to keep up with everything.
This is why our guys regularly attend trade shows, manufacturer sponsored workshops and product launches.
By doing this, we always know what’s new and how it works. In turn, we can offer you the best advice and fix anything we come across in the field.
  • Clients don’t like their property being damaged.
We use non-destructive entry tools and techniques to ensure we don’t cause so much as a scratch when we are dealing with jammed locks.

Our Services

Locksmith Services – Kilmarnock offers these services:

Emergency Call-out - 0800 448 8481

We offer the fastest call out service in the greater Kilmarnock area.
Our emergency line is always manned and will always be answered
We treat every call as a full emergency. We respond really quickly regardless of whether you have locked yourself out of your house in the middle of the day or have lost your car keys and are stuck in a dark and scary parking lot at three in the morning.
To us all emergencies are critical because you never know when a minor incident will turn in to a major disaster.
Sure, it may never happen, but we don’t tempt fate – we get there immediately.

Domestic Locksmithing

The safety and security of our families is paramount.
Unfortunately, people often take home security for granted.
People lose sight of the fact that most break-ins are committed by small-time thieves looking for a quick hit.
They don’t stake out your property, but they are really good at spotting dodgy looking locks and broken alarm systems.
When they see an easy target, they try their luck. Hopefully you won’t be at home, but if you are, they will think nothing of harming you in order to get away.
Our free Domestic Security Health Check-up will find every weak link in your home security.
All your locks, alarm system and cameras, if you have will be checked.
We will give you a report and a quote on what it will cost to put things right.
Call us on 0800 448 8481.
We’ll be round right away and could even have you sorted and safe by the end of the day.

uPVC Systems

uPVC multi-point locking systems are the best thing to have happened to domestic security for a very long time.
But, the system is only effective if it was installed by an expert and if it has a good quality Euro Lock with sacrificial segment.
Because so much depends on the correct alignment of the system, you need to have your doors and windows checked and serviced regularly.
All our technicians are trained and equipped to install and maintain uPVC systems.
Call us on 0800 448 8481, we’ll make sure you are as safe in your home as you should be.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

The security needed for commercial and industrial properties is complex.
Where you have many people needing access at all times of day and the protection of huge areas like warehouses and vehicle yards, you need a mix of security solutions to keep everything under constant surveillance.
At Kilmarnock Locksmith Services, we have the skill and the experience to handle any commercial or industrial security project.
The installation of access control, alarms, surveillance systems and master key suites takes good planning and project management – we have the experience and the capacity.
Kilmarnock also offers landlords and property managers excellent Maintenance and Service Contracts. We’ll maintain and service your entire security installation. You will never have another lock, camera of alarm crisis.

Call Us

0800 448 8481. We are just a call away. No matter what your locksmithing query of problem is, we would love to be of service.

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0800 448 8481
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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