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Locksmith service in Kilburn
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Locksmith in Kilburn


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

For the best rapid-response, emergency locksmith in London.
When a call comes in to our emergency line, we promise to:

  • Pick up immediately,
  • Have a locksmith on the road before the call ends,
  • Reach you in under 30 minutes,
  • Not charge a call out fee.
 020 391 74404 24 hours a day, all year round.


Locksmith Service – West Kilburn, London


The West Kilburn Team

For the best team of qualified locksmiths in London, you’re in the right place.
Expert craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are our priorities.
We handle all types of locksmith and security installations and repairs from domestic through to industrial and commercial.
If you have any query at all, we are the people you should speak to.
For more complex requirements, we would love to meet you on site.
We are happy to give you quotes and estimates off-plan.
Call us – We have solutions for every locksmithing requirement and every budget.


New Technology

The latest advances in IT and materials science are changing the world of locksmithing and security at a hectic pace.
To stay right up to date, we attend work shops, products launches and trade fairs. This ensures we have hands-on exposure to all the new products before they hit the market.
This means we can offer you, our client, the best advice and service possible.


Quality Products Matter

Cutting corners with safety and security is a bad idea.
Good quality products are essential.
We only supply and install quality equipment and fittings.
All our products come from the best manufacturers in the security sector. They’re all guaranteed and come with great after sales service.

Top Tools for Top Craftsmen

Our locksmiths are skilled craftsmen and locksmithing is a precise craft. Locks and alarms must all be fitted and tested to very exact parameters.
To do this, our guys are supplied with the very best tools money can buy.


West Kilburn Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

There is no such thing as a truly safe neighbourhood. At any time there could be a stranger walking through looking for easy pickings.
If you happen to be locked out of your home or motor car, you could be in trouble.
It’s nothing for a petty thief to snatch your bag, jewellery and cell phone before disappearing round the corner – even in broad daylight.
When we get emergency calls, we react really quickly and don’t stop until we know your problem has been solved.
We are the fastest emergency locksmiths in London.
020 31 74404  Call us.

Domestic Locksmithing

If you are renovating or extending your home, you really should speak to us.
Our range of domestic locks, latches and alarms is extensive.
We have something for every taste and almost every budget.
It’s a wise move to chat to a locksmith about your security requirements. Don’t lump security in with the rest of your construction budget for the building contractor to handle.
You won’t get optimum security for your Pound.
If you come to us, we will give you quotes and estimates off-plan so you will know what to budget for security.
When you’re ready to go ahead, we can supply and fit all the locks and alarms. Because it’s our area, everything will work to perfection and your home and family will be well protected.
Give us a call. We would love to be part of your solution.

uPVC Door and Window Systems

Also on the domestic security front we supply, fit and service uPVC doors and windows.
uPVC fittings with multi-point locking systems are the ultimate in domestic security.
The closures are locked into the frames in at least three places as opposed to just one point with standard locks and latches.
The locking rods are moved into place by double barrel deadbolt locks or Euro-Locks. When everything is in place, your home will be virtually burglar proof.
Call us for a demonstration of how these systems work and how secure they are; or call us for a quote on installation.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

Do you own a shop, office or factory?
If you do, you will appreciate how complicated fitting an alarm and security system to an industrial premises is.
At West Kilburn Locksmith Services, we are experts at designing, installing and commissioning industrial and commercial alarms, access points, surveillance and security systems.
Our locksmiths have the experience to assess the requirements of premises from  simple offices to manufacturing complexes and commercial parks.
Another service we offer is an Inspection and Maintenance Contract.
Under these agreements we monitor and adjust your security system so it always operates at peak.
With us looking after your alarm and security equipment, you will never have another system failure of false alarm.

Call us

020 391 74404: If you have security on your mind, let us help!

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0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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