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Locksmith Service in Hayes

Locksmith service in Hayes
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Locksmith in Hayes


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

For the fastest response to your emergency call.
When you call our line, we will:

  • Immediately answer the call,
  • Have a locksmith on the road before the call ends,
  • Be with you in less than 30 minutes,
  • Not charge you a call out fee.
020 391 74404 – All day, every day, all year round.


Locksmith Service – Hayes, London


Hayes Locksmith Team

At Hayes Locksmith Services we aare all dedicated professionals.
Customer satisfaction is our focus.
Our guys are skilled in domestic and industrial locksmith and security installation, service and repair.
Anything from a padlock to a biometric access control system, we can install, repair or replace.
What ever your problem, we have a solution.


Evolving Technology

Ever since an electronically controlled lock was developed in the mid 1970s, the world of locksmithing and security has been changing at an explosive rate.
The last few years have been particularly exciting with the advances in the IT, the Internet of Things and the numerous applications of digital technology. Who knows what advances in Artificial Intelligence will bring?
To stay abreast of new developments, we attend workshops, trade fairs and refresher courses. This enables us to bring the very latest information and
first-hand product knowledge to our clients.


Quality is Critical

Good quality locks and security systems are essential to the safety of the people in the homes and commercial and industrial premises we fit out.
Everything we supply is manufactured by the best companies in the security sector. It all comes with guarantees and excellent after sales service.

Top Tools

Fitting and servicing precision equipment means working to very small tolerances.
To do their jobs perfectly every time, our guys use only the best, professional grade tools and instruments money can buy.


Hayes Locksmith Services, London

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

Living in an evolving and changing area like Hayes is exciting.
The only downside is, with development and all the opportunity it brings, there are always a few people who are up to no good.
There is no way to tell them apart from all the rest who only want to go about their business. One has to be constantly on guard.
One of the most precarious positions you can be in, is to be locked out of your home because of a snapped key or jammed lock. You are super vulnerable.
For this reason, we take our Emergency Call-Out service very seriously.
We reach you and resolve your emergency as fast as we possibly can.
020 391 74404 – save our number. We are always available and alert – 24/7.

Domestic Locksmithing

Renovating an old home or building a new one is an exciting thing to do.
It’s always great, planning the finishes and selecting things like light fittings, door handles and paint finishes.
Hayes is a developing community with a lot of new homes being built and old homes being revived to their former glory.
We have a great selection of quality locksmith and security equipment to suit any taste or to blend with various eras represented in the old suburbs of Hayes.
For people who would like their home security assessed, we offer a free Home Security Health Check. We will go over all your locks, alarms, window catches and burglar bars. The report we compile will show what needs to be sorted.
No matter what your issue is, we have a solution.

uPVC Door and Window Systems

Fitting uPVC doors and windows with multi-point locking systems is one of the greatest security decisions you can make.
With good quality double barrel deadbolt locks fitted, exterior doors are virtually impenetrable, even if they’ve been locked from the outside.
Our guys are trained and experienced in fitting and servicing these systems, so will be glad to drop round and discuss fitting new units.
If you already have uPVC doors and windows, we can discuss aligning and servicing your units.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

Setting up and maintaining security and surveillance systems for industrial and commercial properties takes experience and skill.
Hayes Locksmith Services is well positioned to service the Hayes and adjacent London areas because all our locksmiths are trained and well versed in what it takes to protect any sort of commercial, industrial or manufacturing property.
No two properties and no two businesses will ever have exactly the same needs. Each business has to be assessed and catered for individually.
Specifying and installing equipment like master key suites, biometrically controlled access systems, perimeter and interior surveillance and alarm systems and clean power supplies for the whole lot takes skill and experience.
Once the systems are installed, they need monitoring and maintenance. Landlords and property managers often don’t have the time or skills to do this effectively. Our Inspection and Maintenance contracts are the answer.
We will monitor and maintain your security systems in perfect order, so you will never have a system failure of false alarm.

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020 391 74404: We solve security dilemmas.

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0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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