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Locksmith service in Harrogate
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Locksmith in Harrogate


0800 448 8481 – Emergency Response Locksmith Service.

Our Emergency Response Service operates around the clock every day of the year.
When you call our Emergency line we promise:

  • Your call will be answered right away,
  • A locksmith will be dispatched immediately,
  • The locksmith will have the tools and parts to fix your problem, no matter what it is,
  • You will not be charged a call out fee.
0800 448 8481 – Save our Emergency number in you smart phone.


The Harrogate Locksmith Team

All our locksmiths are professionally trained and dedicated to giving you the best service.
One of our specialities is non-destructive entry.
Our guys can open any lock, no matter how badly jammed it may be or what sort of door it is in.
Not only will they open the lock, they will do it without causing any damage.
Our vans are mobile workshops and locksmith stores. We have all the tools and all the parts and products necessary to fix anything.
Call us. We guarantee you will be happy with our service.

Knowing our Products

To be top locksmiths, we have to know the locksmithing and security equipment market better than anyone else.
Our technicians attend trade fairs, workshops and product launches as often as they can and spend time researching new products and equipment online.
Being up on all the latest developments puts us ahead of the pack.

The Three Legs of Customer Satisfaction

Swift response, skilled workmanship and quality products are the three main components of customer satisfaction.
The third aspect, quality products is vital. We use them because your safety and our reputation are on the line.
All the products we use are well made, fully guaranteed and backed by great after sales service.

Why Excellent Tools are Essential

Everything we work with in locksmithing and security is a precision or high-tech piece of equipment.
Installing and servicing this equipment requires skilled technicians working with precision tools and
high-tech equipment.
All our locksmiths are equipped with the best professional-grade tools and equipment available.
We aim for perfection on every job; satisfied clients are our mission.

Services offered by Harrogate Locksmiths

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 0800 448 8481

At Harrogate Locksmiths, our Emergency Call-Out service operates on immediate response.
By calling our emergency number you will be guaranteed of having you call answered right away and of having a locksmith sent to your aid before your call has ended.
The locksmith will be with you in under 30 minutes, no matter where you are in the greater Harrogate area.
0800 448 8481 – Save our number – call us when you need us. We are only a call away, 24/7.

Domestic Locksmithing

Our homes are places of safety for our family, friends and possessions.
But all too often, we take home security for granted.
When did you last check the lock on your front door, or your back door, for that matter?
The biggest threat to our safety comes from petty thieves looking for easy pickings. They are sly enough to spot a dodgy lock, a loose window latch or an inactive alarm system. They are always ready to try their luck.
Your solution is our free Home Security Health Check.
Call us. We will come round immediately and check your locks, latches and alarm system for free.
You then get a full report and quote to put things right.
If you accept the quote, we will have your home well secured within 24 hours.
You will have the peace of mind you deserve.

uPVC Systems

uPVC doors and windows fitted with multi-point locking systems are one of the most effective ways to secure your home as long as you door has a lock with sacrificial segment.
Without this, you door will be easy prey for a reasonably experienced burglar.
Once the lock has been forced, the multi-point locking system will open without resistance.
With a good quality lock, the sacrificial segment will snap off and the thief will be defeated.
When you arrive home, you key will still work in what remains of the lock, so you won’t be stranded outside.
If you are unsure of how well your uPVC doors and windows are fitted or whether they are operating effectively, call us.
All our locksmiths are trained in the installation and maintenance of uPVC fittings and Euro-Locks.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

Commercial and industrial security systems are made up of surveillance, access control, alarms and standard lock and key units. Planning and installing these systems is a complex operation and there is no place for mistakes.
A malfunctioning industrial system will disrupt the company it is supposed to be protecting. Downtime, inconvenience and repair costs can run into large numbers.
At Harrogate Locksmiths we have the experience and expertise to design and install industrial security systems of any complexity.
Then, through our Inspection and Maintenance Contracts, we will monitor and maintain them in perfect working order.
You need never have another security system problem again.
Call us. We would love to discuss security and access control solutions with you.

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0800 448 8481. For all your locksmithing solutions.

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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0800 448 8481
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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