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Locksmith service in Hampstead
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Locksmith in Hampstead


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

For the fastest emergency locksmith in London.
Rapid response is our middle name.
When you call our emergency line we will:

  • Pick up immediately,
  • Have a locksmith on the road before the call is over,
  • Be with you in less than 30 minutes,
  • Sort your emergency out in one call,
  • Not charge you a call out fee.
020 391 74404 Save our number – we’re only a call away.


Locksmith Service – Hampstead, London


The Hampstead Team

With our team, there’s always a locksmith available.
Our guys are all qualified locksmiths with tons of experience.
No job is too small or too complicated for us.
From domestic security through to industrial and commercial safety, security and surveillance, we’ve got it nailed.
Call us for advice, or if you would like detailed responses to your requirements, we’ll gladly meet you on site. We also give off-plan estimates and quotes and have solutions for just about every budget.


The Technology Wave

Like the rest of the world, the locksmith sector is rapidly changing with the wave of IT and new materials development.
Every few weeks, new products are released.
Attending trade shows, workshops, product launches and refresher courses keeps us up with all the innovations and upgrades.
Our knowledge and hands-on exposure to the new kit means we can bring you the best advice and service possible.


Good Quality Products

Good quality locks and security equipment are made from strong materials and   designed to work for long periods without much maintenance. This is not the case with low quality equipment.
To ensure our products perform as expected, we only install equipment from the best manufacturers in the security sector.
Everything we supply comes with guarantees and solid after-sales support.

The Best Tools

Locks and security equipment are precision instruments and must be installed correctly.
This can only be done by experienced craftsmen using the right tools.
We ensure our guys are always equipped with professional grade tools and instruments of the best quality.


Hampstead Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

Being stuck outside your home on a dark night is bad enough in a well populated suburb. It’s worse in an area with lots of open space.
Intruders and muggers can strike and disappear like ghosts.
Broken locks and snapped keys are always traumatic to deal with.
On top of this, if the situation isn’t sorted out quickly, it can lead to worse complications.
At Hampstead Locksmith Services we understand this and regard each call to our emergency line as a full crisis.
We respond rapidly and reach you as quickly as possible.
020 391 74404.  Call us; for the fastest emergency locksmith service in London.

Domestic Locksmiths

Many houses in the old parts of London are like locksmith museums. In some cases they have locks and latches dating back more than a hundred years.
There are also new and renovated houses with the very latest security equipment.
As locksmiths in Hampstead, we handle all types of domestic security equipment; from ancient to high-tech.
If you want to retain the character of an old home, existing equipment can, in most cases, be repaired or it can be replaced with new product which blends with the old.
High tech security such as alarms and cameras can be installed so as not to disturb the look of the house and still be fully effective.
If you aren’t renovating or building, but would like to know how secure your home is, our free Home Security Health Check is your answer.
Call us for a complete survey of your home security. Our free report will detail what needs to be sorted and we can set to work as soon as it suits you.

uPVC Door and Window Systems

uPVC products with multi-point locking systems are a great alternative to old style doors with single locks.
These systems bring industrial strength security to the domestic market at affordable prices.
With a quality Euro-lock, uPVC doors make your home virtually burglar-proof.
Our locksmiths are experts in installing and servicing uPVC systems.
If you already have multi-locking systems in your home and would like them serviced, or if you would like a quote on fitting a new system, call us.
We would love to show you how great these systems really are.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmiths

Security and access systems for industrial and commercial premises can be complex.
In every situation, there are many permutations needing consideration.
Even a simple situation like a shop or office, keeping perimeters secure without inconveniencing the staff can be complicated.
The trick is to design a system people can work with intuitively. If they constantly have to remember to switch alarms on and off they will leave them off. The whole business will be exposed and the alarm will be worthless.
Our guys are all experienced in designing and commissioning alarm and security systems for all types of business, from small office set-ups to massive commercial and industrial operations.
What can we offer your company? Let’s talk.

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020 391 74404: For security peace of mind.

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0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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