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Locksmith service in Glasgow
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Locksmith in Glasgow

Glasgow Locksmith Services

We’ve got Glasgow covered
Emergency Number: 0141 280 4181
Locked out of your home, your motor car, your office?
Glasgow Locksmith Services are on call.
We’ll be there in under 30 minutes.
We’ll sort your problem.
We will not charge call out fees.

Our locksmiths are:
  • Fully Qualified and Fully Equipped;
  • Able to deal with any locksmithing emergency;
  • Trained to open any type of lock and deal with any type of security system;
  • Trained in non-destructive locksmithing techniques.
We open locks and fix security systems on:
  • Houses
  • Offices
  • Factories
  • Motor vehicle doors, security systems and ignition locks
  • Commercial vehicles, including freight and container vehicles
  • Garages and warehouses
Our services go well beyond our Emergency Services.
We also cover:
  • Industrial, commercial and domestic locksmith and security services
  • Fitting new locks and latches to existing buildings and new projects
  • Repairing and maintaining the locks in your home, office or factory
  • Fitting alarms and security systems to all types of premises
  • Free advice and quotes for any locksmithing job you need done
  • Immediate service, no matter what your problem or where in Glasgow you are.

Meet the Team

All our locksmiths are qualified, experienced professionals.
We guarantee satisfaction when you call us out on a job.
It can be a small thing, like fitting a single lock, or a major job, like fitting locks to all the doors in new commercial premises.
Our people are qualified and capable of tackling any locksmithing or security system job.

Training and Refreshing

Since the digital revolution began, progress in security and locksmithing has kept pace with the rest of the world.
New products and improvements to standard equipment come out almost daily. Keeping ahead of the curve means we have constantly to update our knowledge and skills.
Our locksmiths regularly attend refresher courses, new product launches, trade shows and manufacturer workshops. They’re on the ball and up with the latest developments.
What does this mean for you?
It means you can rely on our guys to do the job right the first time.

Tools of the Trade

Highly trained craftsmen do their best work with high-quality tools.
At Glasgow Locksmith Services our people have the latest, professional level tools on the market.
They also carry a comprehensive supply of good quality locks and security products as well as sophisticated electronic equipment to deal with car and premises security systems.
Our Guarantee to You
Our locksmiths are trained and equipped to solve your locksmithing problems – no matter how simple or how complicated those problems may be.

Our Services

Emergency Call-Out Service
Our Emergency Line is manned around the clock.
Locks can and do fail at any time – which is why we are always available.
We also know that each and every emergency has its own special problems.
We don’t know exactly what those problems will be; so we equip our locksmiths with the best professional grade tools available and ensure they carry a comprehensive range of products.
We guarantee they will be able to sort your problem on the spot, without causing any damage to your home or motor car.

Domestic Locksmith Services

Locks are usually totally reliable. They function for years without any hint of trouble and then one day, snap; your key breaks as you try to unlock your front door.
This happens more often than you can imagine, but is totally avoidable. Over time, dust and moisture make the mechanism sticky and difficult to operate. The key suffers metal fatigue and finally snaps. This happens eventually to any lock whether it’s a three lever mortice lock from the last century or a new euro barrel lock fitted to a newly installed uPVC system.
You can avoid this. Have your locks serviced and lightly lubricated regularly, especially in places with high moisture levels.
At Glasgow Locksmith Services we have maintenance and service agreements. With one of these, you will have peace of mind because we’ll inspect your locks and security systems regularly. We’ll keep them in top working order and they’ll never fail when you need them most.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services

Securing industrial premises and commercial complexes provides its own set of challenges to the locksmith industry.
Heavy duty locks and security systems are used for areas like office blocks and warehouse complexes which need more versatile and robust protection than a home or flat. At the same time, more people need access to either the whole complex or to specific sections depending on their security clearance.
Dealing with these complexities and ensuring the best possible security and safety for personnel, plant, equipment and merchandise is something we at Glasgow Locksmith Services are skilled at.
From the smallest detail, like a lock on a desk drawer, to the most complex combination of electronic surveillance and access control, we have the equipment, the skills and the manpower to design and complete any installation.

The Products We Use

At Glasgow Locksmith Services, we employ skilled locksmiths using the best tools available to ensure our customers of the best possible service.
We would be failing if we installed low grade-products.
To guarantee your satisfaction and safety, we only install good quality equipment supplied by well-known manufacturers who back their products with excellent guarantees and after sales service.

Call Us

For anything from one-off emergencies to quotes for full installations to just having a chat about what’s new on the locksmithing and security market – call us on 0141 280 4181.
We are always available and ready to chat.
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On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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