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Locksmith service in Falkirk
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Locksmith in Falkirk

Professional Locksmiths at Your Service – Around the Clock

Falkirk has its own dedicated locksmith service and we are available all day every day.

Emergency Services 24/7

0800 448 8481 Is our Emergency Services number.
Call our Emergency Services number and we guarantee:

  • We will pick up immediately,
  • We will be with you in 30 minutes, at the outside,
  • We will stay with you until your emergency is totally sorted,
  • We only charge for work done – there is no call out fee

Our Other Services

We are a fully equipped locksmith service, ready to sort out your locksmithing problem or answer any query you have about the safety and security of your home, office or factory.
We cover:

Emergency Services

We are the fastest and best organised Emergency Locksmith Service in the county.
When you call our emergency line, your call will be answered in a couple of rings and you won’t be left hanging.
Being locked out of your home, office or car is traumatic, so we don’t waste any time.
All Emergency Calls are treated with maximum urgency because minor emergencies often snowball into something far more serious.
We get to you as soon as possible and leave only when the crisis has been fixed.
We do things right the first time.

Domestic Locksmith and Security Services

People must be safe and secure in their homes.
We make sure all your locks are working and your alarms, burglar bars and security systems are effective. There is nothing more dangerous or threatening to your family’s safety than assuming your locks are strong and your alarm is effective.
As a free service, we will assess your locks, alarms and burglar proofing. Our free report will let your know what needs doing to improve your family’s safety We also supply you with a quote and will start work the same day if you want us to.
To ensure we can meet most budgets we carry a full range of good quality locks and security systems at very competitive prices, so if you would like to do things yourself, we can equip you.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmith and Security

Our locksmiths are trained to work with everything from domestic through to the heaviest industrial installations. We install and maintain everything from single locks to master key suites, security systems, access control and surveillance systems.
Our maintenance contracts are set up to give you total peace of mind. When you have a contract with Falkirk Locksmith Services, we regularly inspect and service all your locks, alarm systems and security installations.
Regular servicing means everything works smoothly and nothing is left to go wrong. You will have peace of mind knowing your property is safe and there will be no locksmith or security failures.

uPVC Door and Window Installation and Maintenance

Domestic security has improved in recent years with uPVC fittings and multi-point locking systems being the biggest improvements.
To ensure these new systems work properly, they need to be fitted by trained professionals. All our technicians are trained in the installation and maintenance of uPVC door and window systems.
If you have a lock that is stiff to operate or a door that is tricky to open or close, you need us to come and take a look. We will know exactly how to fix it and keep it working smoothly.
If you don’t have it seen to, you will either be locked out of your own house or you won’t be able to lock it properly.
Don’t wait for that to happen. We will take a look and sort it for you. With proper maintenance, your uPVC fittings will give you many years of excellent, trouble free service.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Our cars are the most highly protected possessions we have. This is great until the central locking system or the alarm starts malfunctioning. Waiting for an agent to come to your aid could take days.
We have all the kit necessary to deal with any vehicle security malfunction, no matter what make of vehicle you own.
Our technicians are all trained in non-destructive entry techniques and they have the equipment to open any type of lock.
We will have you back in your car and on the road really quickly and there won’t be a single scratch on your car from where our technician was working.

Good Quality Products

All the products we supply and install are good quality equipment. We are well aware of the false economy behind installing cheap or badly made locks, latches and security systems. While our customers may not be able to tell the difference between well-made locks and security systems, your average burglar can.
Falkirk Locksmith Services will not supply or install anything we consider to be inferior in any way. We only use equipment which is well made and backed by good after sales support.

Our Locksmiths are the Best

The technicians at Falkirk Locksmith Services all highly trained.
Regular attendance at refresher courses, product launches and trade fairs keeps our guys up to date and well skilled. There isn’t anything they can’t handle in the field.
This is good news for our customers; it means you will never be left hanging with a half-finished job because the locksmith couldn’t deal with the problem you were having.
All our guys are up on the latest products and they are all equipped and trained in non-destructive entry techniques.

Our Tools are the Best

A good workman needs good tools. It’s simply a matter of getting the job done quickly and professionally. All our guys carry the best quality, professional grade tools money can buy.

They know how to use them and always do a perfect job.

Call Us

Why not call us for a chat? We would love to help out with any locksmithing queries; from quotes to one-off lock fixing jobs to a full inspection of your premises.
We are always available on 0800 448 8481

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0800 448 8481
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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