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Knowing that your loved ones are well protected brings great peace of mind, but in many cases, people take their locks and window latches for granted. Locks and window latches are your first line of defence against thieves and petty criminals looking for soft targets.
In our work, we often come across houses with exterior door locks that are either so old and worn or so ill-fitting as to be virtually useless. Keys and locks need to be checked from time to time and repaired or replaced where necessary.
Window latches are often a weak spot in home security.
In the old days, they were designed to hold windows open for ventilation. Now, they serve a security function as well. Security systems also need checking. Like locks and latches, they operate for years without giving problems. They might develop a fault without the home owner realising. An annual check in spring is a good idea. The cold and damp of winter can cause problems that you might not pick up until it is too late.

Domestic Check-up

If you are not sure about the security of your home, we will check it out for you. Give us a call and we will do a full audit on all your locks, latches and security system functions.
We often find that locks have started to malfunction, but the homeowner has gradually become used to the way the lock works and doesn't realise that anything is amiss. In fact, the lock is an emergency waiting to happen. Our audit will pick up anything that is not functioning properly, from the lock on your front gate to the window latches in your store room.
We will also inspect your alarm system to see that all the sectors are working and that your house is completely covered.
When we are done, we will give you a full report and let you know what we think your best course of action will be. This is, of course, all free of any obligation. If you decide to follow some or all of our suggestions, we will get to work right away. If we are able to complete the work in the same day, we will.


Building a new house or renovating an old one can be a mine field when it comes to choosing the right equipment and fittings.
When you get to the locks and security aspect, call us. We have tons of advice and will give you an off plan quote on what grade of locks you should put where. This will give you the best security for your budget.
We will then come and fit all the locks and ensure everything is working perfectly.


Manufacturing, commercial and warehousing developments require industrial strength locks and security systems.
The locks on fittings like dock doors and perimeter gates quite simply need to be far stronger than the locks one would fit to an office door or a door in your home. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained in fitting, repairing and servicing all commercial and industrial grade locks and systems.


Part of commissioning a complex, be it industrial, commercial or residential, new locks have to be fitted to each and every door. While the operation usually goes smoothly, there are times when a lock refuses to fit into the cavity created for it, or a strike plate will need to be positioned so the door latch and lock bolt function smoothly. It is also vital that the locks are fitted so that they cannot be tampered with.
Our technicians have the skills and tools to undertake industrial and commercial scale installations quickly and perfectly. During the installation, we verify that locks of the correct security level are fitted to the exterior and interior doors.
We also take great care to ensure doors with multi-point locking systems are working perfectly. High security areas are carefully checked.
Biometric or IT controlled access systems are tested under all conditions to ensure that they are fully functional and will not pose a danger to the occupants of the building. Fire escape doors are checked and signed off with particular attention to detail as are all special function and safety installations.


Sometimes, it can be necessary to replace all the locks in a building. Sets of keys may be lost or, with changes in staff and building occupants, keys go missing or are not returned. When this happens, the security of the building is compromised and the only way to remedy the situation is to change all the locks in the entire building. In the case of a set of keys being lost or stolen, there are bound to be exterior and interior doors in the locked position.
These doors need to be opened before the locking unit can be removed and replaced.
Our technicians are skilled at all locksmith operations. They are equipped with non-destructive tools and are able to open locked doors without causing damage to the surrounding frames, doors or walls.

Maintenance and Service Contracts

Landlords, property administrators and caretakers have a lot to do on a daily basis. Paying attention to every little detail of all the buildings they control is sometimes impossible.
United Kingdom Locksmith Services provides a comprehensive maintenance and service contract which takes over the responsibility for the care and maintenance of all the security systems. Under the maintenance and service contract, we carry out regular inspections of the locks and other security systems and report back to the client.
If anything needs to be replaced or repaired, it will be discussed and quoted for before work is carried out.
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