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Locksmith Service in Chelsea

Locksmith service in Chelsea
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Locksmith in Chelsea


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

When you call our Emergency Line we promise you instant response and:

  • A locksmith will be on his way as soon as we have your location,
  • He will reach you in under thirty minutes,
  • Your problem will be sorted out in one call,
  • You will not be charged a call out fee.


020 391 74404 – Keep our Emergency Number in your phone – we’re only a call away – 24/7.


Locksmith Service – Chelsea - London


Meet the Chelsea Team

Professionalism is the key to our team and their success.
Our customers come first, always. We go to any lengths to make sure your experience is perfect.
All our guys are professionally qualified and have loads of hands-on experience.
There isn’t a locksmithing or security situation they cannot sort out.
Call us, We are always available to share our knowledge and experience.


Up Front – The Only Place to Be

As the world becomes more and more technology orientated, we, as locksmiths, need to know about all the new stuff before it hits the shelves.
Our locksmiths regularly attend workshops, trade fairs and product launches where they learn about the latest developments.
Being ahead on all this means we can offer you the best service possible, no matter how complicated or advanced your locks and security systems are.


Product Quality

We take great care to provide good quality products that will ensure our clients are kept safe in their homes and places of work.
All the products supplied by Chelsea Locksmith Services come with guarantees and excellent after sales backup.
We stake our reputation on our workmanship and the products we supply.

Skill and the Right Equipment

To work quickly and accurately takes experience and skill. Every skilled technician must have professional tools which won’t cause damage to the products he’s installing or to the premises he’s working in.
To ensure our guys can work really quickly and do a great job every time, we supply them with the best quality, professional grade tools on the market.


Chelsea Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

Chelsea Locksmith Services have the best Emergency Call Out service around.
Our attitude sets us apart from the rest.
When our emergency line rings, we go into rapid response mode.
A minor inconvenience, like a snapped key or a jammed lock, can turn into a crisis very quickly – we do everything in our power to sort problems before they get out of hand.
You can trust us to be there for you, no matter what time of day it is. We are here 24/7 every day of the year.
020 391 74404 – save it in your phone!

Domestic Locksmithing

Home is where we all feel safe.
Unfortunately, home security is often taken for granted. Locks are never checked   to make sure they are working properly; details like loose burglar bars and faulty security cameras and alarms are ignored.
It’s time to take us up on our offer of a free Home Security Health Check. We will inspect every aspect of your home’s security; give you a free report and get to work the same day, if you would like us to.
We are also experts at designing and installing master key suites in hotels and boarding houses. The landlord or manager has access to all the rooms with one key while guests or visitors have access to their rooms only.
Give us a call if your domestic security is worrying you. We have all the answers.

uPVC Door and Window Systems

Of all the innovations in domestic security, the uPVC doors and windows with multi-point locking systems are probably the most significant.
A multi-point locking system with a quality EuroLock virtually guarantees your security.
If you would like a quote on fitting new uPVC closures to your home, or would like you system checked, call us.
All our locksmiths are qualified and experienced in fitting and maintaining uPVC systems.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

The skills and equipment needed in the commercial and industrial locksmith and security sector are very different to the domestic sector.
Our locksmiths are all experienced in designing and fitting access control systems, surveillance and perimeter security systems and master key suites to single and multiple sites.
Landlords and property managers have enough on their plates without having to manage and repair their security systems.
We offer comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance contracts which take the problem away completely. Under these contracts, we regularly inspect all the elements of your security system. We spot and correct issues before they become problems which in turn prevents the loss of time and revenue which come with security system failures.

Call us

020 391 74404: We would love to chat about your security requirements. Call us and arrange a same-day site visit.

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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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