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We have all the necessary equipment to open your car and replace your missing keys. We will have you on the road in the shortest possible time at the best possible price.

Car Locksmith

As motor vehicles have become more sophisticated, they have become more sought after and therefore more attractive to car thieves.
In the sixties and early seventies, an artful thief could break into a car with a wire coat hanger and start the motor with a paper clip or some equally simple method.
As servos and microelectronics have shrunk, motor vehicles have become more and more controlled by computers. The locking, immobiliser and alarm systems are impenetrable to all but the most organised thief, the manufacturer and locksmiths with the right skills and tools.

You are losing a lot more than a key

Now days, when you lose your car keys, you aren't losing something that only unlocks a door. You are losing an access control system. Your car keys are more akin to a flash drive than a key.
The cost of replacing a set of car keys through your car dealer is astronomical. Fortunately, automotive locksmiths are far cheaper and way, way quicker.

Dealers Take too Long

Car dealers sell cars.
They work in shiny show rooms and wait for customers to come to them. They don't do emergencies. They would make lousy locksmiths.
If you chose to replace your lost or stolen keys through your car dealer, expect to be frustrated and expect to spend at least an entire day and a lot of money on the replacement. You might have to pay for a tow truck to move your car to the dealer's workshop. You might have to book your car into their busy service schedule.
If you bought your car on the used car market, you might not have the master key or the codes to re-programme your new keys.
No one has an entire day to waste on something that should take maybe an hour.

Why Locksmiths are the Obvious Choice

Locksmiths are geared to the callout. They go to where locks need to be changed; they go to where the customer is. We have all the necessary equipment to open your car and replace your missing keys. We will have you on the road in the shortest possible time at the best possible price.

What Will the Cost Be?

Replacing your car keys through your dealer will cost you anything from about £550.00.
Replacing them through an automotive locksmith is far less expensive and just as effective.

Precautions to Take

There are a few things you can do to make the loss of your car keys less likely and the cost of replacing them less of a financial drain. The older generation will find this hard to accept, but car keys, like cell phones and computers, have become insurable items. If you are a person who is likely to lose their keys, think about insuring them. The other measure to take is to treat your keys as you would your cell phone and other valuable and hard to replace items. Reserve a special place for them in your bag or trouser pocket. Become paranoid about this and you will always know where your car keys are.
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