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Locksmith Service in Caerphilly

Locksmith service in Caerphilly
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Locksmith in Caerphilly


0800 448 8481 – Emergency Response Locksmith Service.

Our Rapid Response Team is always ready.
When you contact our Emergency line:

  • Your call will be answered instantly,
  • A locksmith will be dispatched immediately and will reach you in less than 30 minutes,
  • Your problem will be sorted in one call
  • And, you will not be charged a call out fee.
0800 448 8481 – Save our Emergency number. You never know when you are going to need us.

Locksmith Service – Caerphilly


The Caerphilly Locksmith Team

Our team has loads of skill and experience in locksmithing and dealing with security systems.
All our guys are professionally qualified locksmiths and they all love what they do.
One of our major skills, and a thing our clients really appreciate, is our non-destructive entry technique.
A priority with our locksmith company is client satisfaction – we go out of our way to make sure every client is 100% happy with the job we’ve done and the products we’ve installed.

Up with the Latest Locksmith Products

Knowing what’s available on the market is a large part of offering excellent service to our clients. This ensures we are able to present exactly the right solution for their requirements.
Staying up to date in the locksmith, surveillance, alarm and access control fields is an ongoing exercise; new or improved products are launched virtually on a weekly basis.
We make sure our locksmiths attend workshops, trade fairs and product launches as often as they can.
So, if you need a solution for industrial, commercial or residential security, we have the knowledge to get you exactly what you need.


Good Quality Products

When we finish an installation or repair, that is when the equipment we have installed starts working.
Our reputation depends on two things, the service our clients get from our locksmiths and the service our clients get from the locks, alarms and other equipment we install.
For this reason, we only install equipment which will stand the test of time. This means we only use good quality equipment.
Everything we install is manufactured and supplied by the best companies in the security sector. These companies give reliable guarantees and excellent after-sales backup.

We also use Excellent Tools

Skilled technicians produce excellent work when they use professional-grade tools. They are able to work faster and more accurately because they’re not struggling with inaccurate or badly finished equipment.
Because professional tools are critical to our locksmiths’ performance, we ensure they have only the best professional-grade tools on the market.

Services offered by Caerphilly Locksmiths

Emergency Call-out - 0800 448 8481

At Caerphilly Locksmiths, we take every emergency call seriously.
Small inconveniences can turn into major emergencies all too easily.
We always aim to prevent your situation from being any worse than it already is.
0800 448 8481 – Keep our Emergency Call-out number in your cell phone. We will always be a call away.

Domestic Locksmithing

Homes are the places people feel safe.
Unfortunately, they are also the places we are most likely to take for granted, which includes the locks and alarm systems.
Locks are precise pieces of equipment. Although they operate for years without problems, they slowly gather moisture and grime which eventually jams the lock.
Regular servicing is the answer. It will save you having a jammed lock or a snapped key.
We offer a free Home Security Health Check.  
Call us. We will come over and give your locks, alarms, cameras and whatever other security measures you have a close looking at.
When we’ve finished, you will have a detailed report and a no-obligation quote. You will be able to decide what action you would like to take to make your home as safe as possible.
If you accept the quote, or part of it, we’ll begin work immediately. You will be safe and sound within 24 hours or less.


uPVC Systems

uPVC multi-point locking systems are a complex system of levers and rods slotting into precise positions so the door is secured in at least three places.
If the system is not correctly installed, or has drifted out of alignment, a lot of pressure is put on the locking system and the door handle. From there, rods could bend and locks could jam.
You must also have a good quality lock installed. If you have a lock without a sacrificial segment, your home will be an easy target for thieves.
Our locksmiths are all experts in installing and servicing uPVC doors and will be able to tell you if your lock is thief proof.
Call us; we’ll check out your door and make sure you are as safe as you should be.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmithing

The locks and security systems used in industrial and commercial developments need to be very robust. In many cases, they have to operate 24 hours a day all year round.
The systems are also more complicated because there are different levels of security for different grades of employee. The solution is the installation of complex master key suites.
We are experts in designing and commissioning all levels of industrial security solutions from the very basic to the very complex.
We also know that complicated systems can go wrong if they are not constantly cared for.
Our Inspection and Maintenance Contract is the solution.
Landlords and property managers can leave their system management up to us. We will spot and sort any problems before they cause an emergency.

Call Us

0800 448 8481 for all your locksmithing, security and surveillance questions and problems. We are here to help.

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0800 448 8481
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On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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