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Locksmith Service in Bromley

Locksmith service in Bromley
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Locksmith in Bromley


020 391 74404 – Emergency Locksmith Service.

Rapid response is the only way to deal with locksmith emergencies.
When you call our emergency line, we promise to:

  • Answer immediately,
  • Have a locksmith on the way as soon as we have your location,
  • Reach you in less than 30 minutes,
  • Not charge you a call out fee.
020 391 74404 – Save our number to your phone – we’re only a call away.


Locksmith Service – Bromley, London


Bromley’s Locksmith Team

Customer satisfaction is our total focus.
Our locksmiths are all qualified, dedicated professionals.
They can sort any locksmith issue out, no matter how complicated.
Non-destructive entry is our speciality. We can get through any door with a jammed lock without making a scratch.
Apart from skills, we have a comprehensive range of security equipment - something to suit virtually any budget.
For any locksmith query or problem, call us.
We do site visits.


New Product Knowledge

Security products are getting smaller, lighter and smarter. We have to stay up with all the developments so we can bring you the latest products and information.
Our locksmiths attend refresher courses, trade fairs and manufacturers’ product workshops.
Having first hand, hands on experience with all the new and updated equipment means we can offer you better and more comprehensive service.


Critical Product Quality

In our business, product quality is crucial.
Sub-standard products are a liability and could put you in harm’s way.
We know the best manufacturers and only use their products.
Everything we fit to your premises carries solid guarantees and is backed by great after-sales service.

Fine Tools

Good locksmiths are highly skilled craftsmen, but even the best craftsmen will make errors if they have to work with sub-standard tools and equipment.
Our guys are all equipped with the best, professional quality tools and gauges money can buy and our workmanship is always guaranteed.


Bromley Locksmith Services

24/7 Emergency Call-out - 020 391 74404

Locksmith emergencies happen everywhere, anytime.
The smallest incident with a snapped key or a jammed lock can be traumatic and can develop into a major crisis if not handled immediately.
Even peaceful London suburbs like Bromley can turn into hostile, threatening places in the wrong circumstances.
So, we take all calls to our emergency line seriously.
As soon as that line rings, we go into rapid response mode. We only relax once the problem has been solved.
We wouldn’t want it any other way and know you wouldn’t either.
020 391 74404 Save our number. We’re available 24/7.

Domestic Locksmiths

Renovating your home?
Adding an extension or building a new home?
You should speak to us before you buy any locksmith hardware.
An off-plan quote will help with your budgeting on locks and security system components.
Security in the home is an often overlooked factor.
We tend to feel safe when we are at home, but many people neglect their locks and alarm systems.
Bromley Locksmith Services offers a free Home Security Health Check. Call us and we will give your home the once over. Our report will detail things in need of sorting and we will start work immediately, if you would like us to.
Call us. We have solutions for all locksmith and security problems.


uPVC Door and Window Systems

uPVC doors with multi-point locking systems are the best thing you can do for your family’s security.
Normal doors and windows have only one locking point; uPVC systems have at least three points.
When you leave the house and lock your front door, the uPVC system is secured by a double barrel deadbolt lock.
A good quality barrel lock will have sacrificial segments. As soon as someone tries to force the lock, the segment will snap off. The thief is left with a useless segment while the rest of the lock is still in place. In spite of the snapped off segment, you will still be able to unlock the door with your key.
For quotes on fitting uPVC doors and windows, call us.
Our guys are all experts and will give you spot on advice.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmiths

The Borough of Bromley is a major contributor to the economy of the greater London area. It has well developed commercial, industrial and education structures.
Bromley Locksmith Services provides security and locksmithing services to all these sectors.
Designing and installing systems for manufacturing, education and commercial premises takes skill and experience.
Each business and each building  has challenges which need to be planned for and solved if the system is to protect the building and its occupants without hindering them.
Let us help you with the security of your business premises, and once the installation is complete, we can offer you an Inspection and Maintenance Agreement. This contract means we will keep your security and access systems working flawlessly – you will never have another false alarm or system failure.

Call us

020 391 74404: We develop bespoke security solutions.

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Click on the link and you will have all the contact information you need to reach our 24 hour emergency locksmiths.

0203 960 5343
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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