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Locksmith service in Bangor
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Locksmith in Bangor

Bangor Locksmith Services

EMERGENCY SERVICES - 0800 448 8481

If you are locked out of your car, home or office, call us. We will be there before the situation can get any worse.

A call to our emergency line means:

  • We will have a locksmith with you in less than thirty minutes
  • His van will have everything he needs to get you into your house, office or car as fast as possible.
  • He will stay with you until your emergency is sorted out
  • You will not be charged a call out fee.
Bangor Locksmith Services – The Only Locksmith You Will Ever Need
At Bangor Locksmith Services, we are so sure of our level of service we will wager you won’t ever want to use another locksmith.
Happy, friendly and involved, that’s us. We will make all your locksmithing experiences a pleasure and we guarantee our workmanship as well.
We only sign off on a job when we are happy with the level of workmanship and when you are happy with the result.
Apart from servicing our clients, we at Bangor are involved in our community. We go out of our way to see that everyone is safe.

The Team to Beat

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals.
Each one of our technicians is a qualified locksmith and they all have the experience they need to sort out any locksmithing challenge they encounter.

Training is the Secret Potion

Although all our guys are qualified, we see training as an ongoing thing – it’s something one is never done with.
New products and updates are released at an ever increasing pace. Keeping up with them is a challenge.
To make sure everyone has the latest information, we regularly send our technicians off to attend workshops, trade fairs and product launches.
By staying on top of all the latest developments, we are always able to deal with anything that may arise in the field. No matter how modern your locks and security systems are, we will know how to repair or replace them.

Our Tools

Great workmen need the best tools.
Professional locksmiths work quickly and accurately. They appreciate high quality tools and know how to use them to best advantage.
We have always supplied our technicians with the best quality professional tools on the market. They are more accurately made than their cheaper cousins and help our technicians work to the high standards they demand of themselves.
This policy applies to everything from spanners and screwdrivers to electronic equipment like rolling code generators.

Our Services

Emergency Call-Out Service
Our Emergency Call-Out Service is the best you will find anywhere.
We treat every call as a full on emergency which needs to be resolved as quickly as possible.
This is because we have seen how an apparently minor incident can suddenly become a crisis. Preventing that from happening is our goal.

Domestic Locksmith Services

Every home should be the safest place in the world for the family living there.
Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. Old locks or fittings which have been neglected become liabilities, especially when a thief is looking for a place to break into.
Speak to us about our free Home Security Health Check.
We will come out and assess the security in your home; from the front door to the windows in the attic.
We will give you a comprehensive report and discuss the best way to rectify whatever needs seeing to.
If you have a lock needing repair or replacement, call us and we’ll be there the same day to sort it for you.
Our services range from fixing single locks to fitting out entire houses that have just been built or renovated. Speak to us if you are building or planning a renovation. We can assess your locksmithing needs off-plan and be ready to fit as soon as the doors are in. Having us do your locksmithing will save you money and ensure you get the best product for your budget.

uPVC Door and Window Fittings

With the advent of uPVC multi-point locking systems, home security took on of its biggest leaps since the invention of the lock and key. These systems, with the EuroLock, put domestic security on an industrial level.
The only weak point could be an inferior quality barrel lock. You must have a EuroLock with a sacrificial segment for total security. If you are not sure of your fittings or if your lock is stiff and difficult to operate, call us.
Our technicians are all trained in the fitting and maintenance of uPVC doors and windows. We will have your door working like new and save you the inconvenience of a snapped key or a jammed locking mechanism.

Industrial and Commercial Locksmith Services

Bangor Locksmith Services are experts when it comes to industrial and commercial locksmithing.
Fitting and maintaining security systems, access control and door security on a big scale takes expert project management. This is something we are particularly good at.
We are also good at designing and commissioning master key suites of any size and complexity. If you own or manage several buildings, we can design a master key suite to work across all your properties, or design a suite for individual segments of a single building.
Speak to us, we appreciate a good challenge.

Quality Products Only

Because we guarantee our work, we only use products from well-known manufacturers in the security industry. We guarantee customer satisfaction, so we like to know that the equipment we install is guaranteed and backed by credible after sales service.

Call Us

Being part of your locksmithing solution is where we like to be. Give us a call, regardless of how big or small your query may be. We will help you assess your requirements and make sure your home or business premises is as safe as it can possibly be.

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0800 448 8481
- is our 24 hour emergency number

On which you can reach us for our other home security services. Save our number in your phone: you never know when you might need it.
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