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The Two Rings of Safety

Locksmith Services U.K. offers a turnkey security system service.
Your home or business should be guarded by two rings of security.
First, the physical barrier of your gates, walls, doors and windows. These have locks and security devices to prevent intruders from entering. Second is your alarm or security system. This should, ideally, include an alarm system coupled with webcams or CCTV cameras and panic buttons.

The First Ring

Every property has a perimeter defining where public space ends and your property begins. If anyone crosses this line, you will have the right to know what that person is doing and what they want.
Physical security has weak spots. Intruders can climb over gates, walls and fences and people tend to leave gates and doors open or closed but unlocked. This makes them useless and probably more of a danger than a help. Intruders know this, so they try their luck. They test to see if gates and front doors have been left unlocked.
Once inside, they have only to close the door and the rest of the world has no clue anything is amiss inside the house. They are in total control.

The Second Ring

Alarms and security systems are essential.
They don't present a physical barrier, but they make a noise and all modern alarms are connected to a security company control centre.
When an alarm is triggered, intruders usually leave without taking anything. They also know people in the vicinity will be looking to see what the disturbance is about.


As added security, alarms are often paired with CCTV cameras and webcams. Anything that happens on the premises is recorded and the footage can be used as evidence. With webcams, you can see what's happening in your premises simply by calling up your cameras on your smart phone.

Panic Buttons

When you are at home or in your office, the alarm will be in standby mode. You don't want it going off every time someone moves. Well situated panic buttons give occupants of the building security when the alarm is off.

Expert Installation

To be fully useful, security systems must be properly installed.
Sensors must be positioned to protect openings like doors and windows and infrared beams will detect possible access through ceiling space and over perimeter walls. Everything can be monitored by well positioned cameras.
At Locksmith Services UK, our technicians are expert at avoiding blind spots and ensuring all areas of your premises are protected.

Link to Security Company

Many insurance companies insist that your alarm be linked to a security company.
This is essential, because an alarm that is not reacted to is useless.
With a dedicated company responding to you alarm, you will be sure of the best security possible.

A Potential Lifesaver

Security systems are not only useful in deterring break-ins. They are life savers if you or someone in your family has an accident or a medical emergency and are unable to reach the telephone. Pressing the panic button raises your security company who will then alert emergency services.
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